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Dr. Cathy Taig

Dr. Cathy Taig is a chiropractor with over 18 years of experience specializing in the care of pregnant moms and babies. Alongside her husband, Dr. Tim Taig, she runs a chiropractic practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they provide personalized care to promote wellness and optimal health. Dr. Cathy is also an accomplished author, known for her book titled “Birth Right: Discover God’s Best For Your Birth Experience.” In this insightful book, she shares her extensive knowledge and empowers expecting mothers to embrace a birth experience aligned with their values and beliefs, emphasizing natural health and holistic approaches.

With a deep commitment to holistic healthcare, Dr. Cathy Taig is dedicated to supporting pregnant moms and babies on their wellness journeys. Through her chiropractic expertise, certified in Webster and Morphogenic Field Techniques, she offers gentle and effective care. Alongside her husband and their two children, Dr. Cathy actively contributes to the community in Grand Rapids, Michigan, making a positive impact through their chiropractic practice. Through her influential book, “Birth Right,” Dr. Cathy inspires individuals and families to make informed choices and discover the best birth experience that aligns with their beliefs, emphasizing the importance of natural health for a fulfilling life.

You can find her book “Birth Right: Discover God’s Best For Your Birth Experience” on Amazon at the following link: Book Link


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